The Doll

We found her dressed in laces and frills,
Her porcelain face painted to excess.
He had crafted her a bonnet of lace
And roses for her dress.
But his intent lay in her exposed thighs,
The shortness of her skirt.
Finest pearls graced her polished neck,
Only the best for his would-be daughter.
She was crafted in finery, or so he claimed,
For the sole purpose of ornamental value.
We found him hosting a tea party for her.
He was naked.
When we asked of the reason for the doll
He looked at us perplexed!
There was no comprehension in his mind
Other than that of her being his daughter.
In his own way he loved her,
He couldn’t have not the way he doted upon her.
But his way was wrong
And corrective processes are required.
Oh, the doll, you say?
I couldn’t bring myself to dispose of it, sir.
Don’t worry, it’s being very well cared for.
You want to know the exact location
As it is evidence, after all?
My house; my room; the chair next to my bed.

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4 thoughts on “The Doll

  1. I like the creepiness of this. I read a story once where it was the doll controlling the human…I wonder from the ending if that’s what is happening here… 😉

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