Capturing the Wind

I wish I had a pocketful of breeze

I would cherish it so

Only let it out when on my own

Perhaps on a sultry night, down a narrow lane

When the air seemed to enclose and stifle me

I could open my pocket and let loose a breath of spring

Scented with daffodil and elderberry

It would be better than a dream, it would be perfect

I think it would be possible, I really do

For it seems it compared to winning your heart

That to me is impossible

It would be like capturing the wild wind in a net

You think you have it, then gone

One day perhaps, one day

(Image courtesy of Google images)

3 thoughts on “Capturing the Wind

  1. ahhh – to captured the wind, the suns rays, a cool drop of rain or a single snowflake – how awesome that would be – but – they would die – they are meant to be free.

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