Wishing on a Star

Little note: This is a collaboration between myself and the wonderful Helen Midgley at http://helenmidgley.wordpress.com/ I hope you enjoy it as we had great fun doing it. This is the first of two.


In the cold, blue light of a November moon,
I pondered the loss of a girl, my boon.
Beneath the twinkling stars so bright,
I sought her face in obsidian night.

I watched you dance and tease the moon,
Orion’s bow was aimed too soon.
You wove between its deadly flight,
Could I catch you, I thought I might.

Past shooting star and comet bright,
A beacon in this darkest night.
I tracked your wake across the sky,
As tears they traced across my eye.

The moon reached out and stole my tears.
He took my pain and eased my fears,
He lifted them up high
And made them his so they could fly.

I felt a great weight lift from me,
As my tears they flowed to thee.
Your light would comfort from afar
Each time I wished upon your star.

(Image courtesy of elda54 on deviantart.com)


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