Sailing The Forever

I’ve sailed the seas of eternity
Where the cosmos laps upon the shores of forever.
No other human eyes have seen such miracles,
As universes clash and mingle.
A place where light lives in blazes of colour
Then dies alone in the darkness,
Stretched beyond the limits of science,
Before dissipating into sparkling star dust.
I have raised my sail to intergalactic winds
And fought the vortices of mighty black holes,
Skimming around the nothingness
Then shooting back out across the heavens.
Seen the joyous birth of magenta gases,
The citrine burst of a million promises,
The vermillion winking of a trillion eyes.
No charts have I, not do I want.
An endless navigation of that which can never be mapped;
This is my wish.
And that one day, as I surf infinity,
I shall find my love,
Hold her in my arms,
Kiss her ruby lips
And sail on into the forever.
Tis a dream within a dream
A wish uttered upon the winds of my imagination.
But it is a wish worth striving for, sailing to.
And I shall,
No matter how long it takes.

(Image courtesy of Magica-28 on deviantart)

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