Don’t tell me of tomorrow

When I’m living for today

Don’t ask me to remember

What the world would have me say

Don’t speak of disappointment

When you’ve never left your shed

For I shall keep on dreaming

As tomorrow’s in my head

13 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. I love the photo, Richard–and I’m still pondering “disappointment”, “never leaving your shed”–want to elaborate? (You’re not obligated.)

    1. The picture is my own and is a catchment area to stop us flooding.
      The shed reference is to the small minded people who told me I shouldn’t write and are ensconced in their own tiny worlds. Phew! That was a lot of explaining. Good job it’s you.

      1. WOW, thank you for trusting me with that, Richard–I cannot even imagine why folks would tell you not to write. Maybe they’re jealous of your exceptional talent?? Anyway, I’m sure glad you didn’t listen to their smallness–and that you’re here on the blogs where I could meet you, and share the riches of poetry. I’m raising my beach tumbler of iced diet Pepsi to you now–whoo hoo, way to go, Richard!!!

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