Ballad of the Crow

To be a crow on witching night
And caw at all and give such fright
Such blessed change from normal fair
When people just do not so care
As in the light of normal day
That rusted voice just grates away
And forces all to rant and rage
At timeless call, at ruckus caged
So sing my heart out all the night
And in said fright I’ll take delight
That in this one night of the year
The sounds I make cause only fear

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15 thoughts on “Ballad of the Crow

  1. You must have read my mind–I was thinking ’bout crows. Am I odd to like them, I wonder–and what’s the difference between them and ravens? I await your answer, o wise one.

      1. Seems like that would be tricky to shift your focus–different birds–I’ll be interested to see your raven poem.

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