Sparkling carpet underfoot;
Do I walk upon a bed of diamonds?
Perhaps the Bifrost bridge,
As sunlight catches and rainbow hue
Transcends natural beauty?
How can such a miracle stem
From mere vapour and cold?
It enlivens my soul with dreams;
Dreams of Arctic myth,
Polar bears, Frost Giants
And of course The White Witch.
All this from opening my door
To a morning frost;
All this from one small crystal.
I shall tread with care and
Look forward to each new winter’s day.

(Image courtesy DaFotoGuy on

25 thoughts on “Sparkle

  1. Oooo such beauty in the imagery in this piece, I can see them clearly as I close my eyes..a tranquil feeling filters through too..a stunning piece..see, you’ve written a lovely piece. 😉✨

  2. That photo is especially exquisite. It is fun to do the winter poems–maybe I should look through my old files (not have to work so hard doing new ones).

      1. Bribes, hah! You’re going to laugh me out of my tired and cranky morning mood–that’s what I count on with you. I’m probably going to make a cake or bread later–apples and spice, etc. Later, meaning some unknown future time…. Hey, I just met the loveliest lady here–Skye. That’s one of the beautiful things about the blogs!

      2. Skye’s lovely, a truly nice person. I chat to her most days. She writes well and takes some beautiful pictures.
        Your talk of food has made me feel hungry and I think I’m going to have to have a sandwich.

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