Dark shadow of stealth

Eternity beckoning

Eyes of amber blink

(Image courtesy

17 thoughts on “Predator

      1. The funny thing is she never catches them. But when she is going after them, everyone has to steer clear. I have heard her clench her jaw and I have seen her fangs. Vicious. Seriously. I think of her as my little girl and a cute little puppy but – well, let’s just say I feel safe around her and so do her bros. 😉

  1. Oh Wow, 5-Star Excellence all around Richard–great haiku and the image is dramatic and SCARY. Wish I’d written that haiku….

      1. I’ll just have a diet Pepsi and be good to go–I’m battling over whether to write a new poem or dive into yet another cleaning/excavating project. Maybe I could do just a bit of tossing–and then reward myself with basking in paper and ink….

      2. I don’t know if I could, Richard–I’m just so glad it’s over, wasn’t prepared for how stressed and rather crazed I got by Sunday afternoon. No kidding, I had a meltdown Sunday night and was in bed most of Monday. Maybe I’m just too old to ride bulls, or be an honorary mum. And they announced that my little Brian may return next season–he’s been out for a number of years, had multiple surgeries, and I figured he’d found a new line of work. Though I missed him, I was relieved to have one less to fret over–so if he truly does show up, I’d better work on some preventive calmatives.

      3. It had been 4 years since a USA cowboy won the title, so maybe I was just too heavily invested in my JB. I’ve nothing against the Brazilian people, but as they had overtaken the sport, it was less fun and I kept saying I was going to quit watching. Prior to the last couple months, no one was expecting JB to chomp up the competition the way he did–if he never rides another bull, folks will be talking about this Finals forever. But I don’t think we’ve seen the last of his star quality.

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