You’re Not Alone

 Don’t let anyone tell you
 You can’t: because you can.
 Don’t ever shy away from
 Your talent: it’s a talent.
 Don’t ever let anyone put
 You down: at least you try.
 Don’t ever let anyone belittle
 Your gifts: they’re gifts.
 There’s lots of could, would, and should people out there!
 But if you’re reading this, you aren’t one of them.
 Keep dreaming; keep thinking; keep imagining,
 And believe me when I say
 You’re not alone.

 (Image courtesy SusyF on

30 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone

      1. I’m so glad you did….seriously I love everything you do but today this one gave tears…I say that so you know how moved I am…even without our “friendship” through the comments, I believe this one would have made those tears fall…by far since following you, this is the BEST!! Thank you for penning it & now you know it’s probably the ones that you are most critical of yourself on that are “the ones”, the magical ones. 😀

      2. I suffered with confidence in my writing for a loooong time. Now I don’t care. I don’t like thinking people have to be like I was, or for any reason. Just didn’t want to come across like a smart Alec.

  1. Great words! All writers (and everyone else!) should live by them. I also dithered about putting my writing out there…the first piece of fiction I ever posted, I faffed about with for ages. Will I, won’t I… Now if I’ve got it as good as I can, out it goes! xx

      1. Great attitude to have. And YOU ARE GOOD. 🙂
        I was wondering…would you like to be interviewed on my blog sometime? Partly because I want to ask you lots of nosy questions about how you create your poems. Also, in the New Year, I’ll be starting poetry in my Creative Writing course. I’m looking forward to it, as it’s the kind of writing I’m least confident with. Maybe we could do an interview early next year? xx

      2. I will remind you! Writing it in my blog planning folder right now, as otherwise I’ll forget too. 😉

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