Santa Robin?

I opened my door and what did I see,

But a smart little robin there looking at me.

He gave me a wink and a slight little nod,

And strangely enough, it didn’t feel odd!

I invited him in and held the door wide,

And quick as a flash he flew straight inside.

He stayed with me hours just sipping at tea,

Whilst I talked of Christmas he chirruped at me.

Never so happy had I ever been

As chatting with robin in my Christmas dream.

Until when the dark came he chirped he must go,

I guess that my face must have shown I was low.

But on my return to the room warm and pleasant,

I realised the robin had left me a present.

But not one of wrapping, a gift me to you,

No, that crafty fellow just needed the loo!

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20 thoughts on “Santa Robin?

      1. I like it when you start my day laughing–not just a “scamp”, but a “champ” too. Have a nice evening–you’re probably winding down now, as I’m attempting to “rev up” and do the day.

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