Swirling Away

 Flushed away feelings
 Swirl off into oblivion.
 I watch them go
 Through cold eyes,
 A slight prickling
 To my skin
 The only evidence
 They were ever there at all.
 If they were ever there?
 I guess there’ll be plenty of time
 To find out,
 As the snow slowly,
 Ever so slowly,
 Covers your footprints.

 (Image courtesy ruminate on deviantart.com)

33 thoughts on “Swirling Away

  1. Oooh, wowww, Richard. This is my new fave of yours! And I love the image too–perfect compliment (and all that blue I crave).

      1. You’re just sayin’ that because of those poems I put beneath yours… I honestly just liked how they echoed… lol. I will look forward to sipping your coffee poem tomorrow.

  2. Your frigid words are giving me the chills!!! I know for darned sure that none of the songs in the playlist I shared would make you want to write THIS!!!! 😉 (But I still love reading you nonetheless).

      1. May I suggest Kenny Chesney’s All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan or Zac Brown Band’s Knee Deep???

      2. As wonderfully talented as you are, I’m sure you can create one. And create a snow shovel while you’re at it.

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