Dancing Through the Fog

Note: another favourites poem for my great friend Caddo. A brilliant poetess, I hope this is okay for her.

 Forget-me-not moments,
 Blue like gentle spirit.
 Shrouded in seclusion,
 A fog if you will,
 She searches through memories
 Long since past.
 And there it is, laughter, love,
 The answer to heartfelt prayers.
 The grey mists part to a burnished dance floor.
 She knows it a dream,
 For where else would Palm trees sway to an unfelt breeze.
 A figure stands there hand outstretched, beckoning,
 Perhaps a ghost, perhaps more,
 But she acquiesces to his wishes.
 A hidden orchestra strikes up a tune and she’s dances.
 She dances for love, life, and her Lord,
 As the sweet smell of hibiscus flowers pomade her world.
 And as she pirouettes in intangible grasp she smiles,
 And a silver moon appears overhead sheafed by stars.
 This is her imagination, her dream,
 And it is perfect.
 (At least, I hope it is for her)

 (Image courtesy of Lemmy-X on deviantart.com)

16 thoughts on “Dancing Through the Fog

      1. I hope you get a billion hits/view/likes/comments on it. Now I shall have to do one for you, though I’m not sure it will be as full of characteristics particular/specific to you–Could you give me a fave-list, and we’ll see what happens (gotta plug in the poem-making machine). I’ll be waiting for your list–but don’t stay up past your bedtime–though it is New Year’s Eve.

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