I don’t care what they say,
 I’m no saint myself.
 Just give me a signal
 Even if only a blink
 And I’ll fight off the furies;
 Tear down heaven;
 Kick down the gates of hell,
 For one moment beside you.
 Your eyes tell a tale
 The arch of your brows more so,
 But that spark is there
 And I wait for the fires
 To consume me.

 (Image courtesy of CassiopeiaArt on

41 thoughts on “Fires

  1. If you are no saint, how did you earn the reputation of being one? 😉 Another amazing poem. And since I haven’t used “love” with you today — I LOVE it!!

      1. Whatever works!! I’m not that lucky! Even if I were the only one in the room, the voting would be closed. 😉

      2. No wonder I can’t quite reach your height of excellence!! 😉 You certainly hold the advantage over me. I guess I will just continue to bask in the glow of your brilliance. 🙂

      3. Ahh — but your saintly and angelic wishes have come true. You just have grander aspirations than us earthly bound humans do. 😉

      4. You’ve always suspected I was human as celestial beings do not have the naughty thoughts I so often do. LOL

  2. Gorgeous…what an Image!!! Betcha SHE’s not cold 🙂
    So Thankful for the Inspiration of your Talent this year. Blessings for a Peaceful and Joyous New Year~

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