My Ocean

Note: As seen as it’s the end of the year here is something different. I wrote this for my good friend Desiree on WordPress. Hopefully it has all her favourite things in and works.

 I watch the tide roll languidly back,
 Poseidon’s liquid tablecloth exposing virgin sands.
 Silica glints from burning gold to tangerine,
 A billion candles reflecting the oncoming stars,
 And I bask in the kiss of a sea-spray dusk.
 The sun, almost set now, ignites the waves,
 Hephaestus’ attempt to burn the sea,
 But it fails, as Nereids kiss it away.
 Darkness falls, the pitch black that only seclusion can bring,
 And the night is pierced by those cosmic entities, the stars.
 They sprinkle the heavens as the sands did the Earth:
 So beautiful, so perfect.
 My only hope, as I gaze to them in awe,
 That they look down to me and smile,
 As I do, and always have, from childhood to man, at they.
 The ocean waves shush;
 The world breathes a little slower
 And eternity beckons for one more day.

 (Image courtesy of Ladyofspira on

40 thoughts on “My Ocean

  1. And the winner: Richard! You will have to put your crown upon a shelf though, as you already have a halo and a saintly glow!! You, my friend, are truly a master!

      1. There is no way to thank you. This poem will be held close to my heart, always. What an amazing way to end a year that brought your friendship and a hope that our friendship will continue to flourish in 2014.

      1. After the earlier epic challenge, I think you deserve a rest and to be pampered for the remainder of the day!!! 🙂

      1. Well, I was wondering how I got left out, you scamp. And the fruitcake is safely tucked in the freezer….maybe I’ll get it out next year, and not have to bake…

      2. Ohhhhh….really? I could sure use a special Richard poem–the blues are back, but maybe it’s just because I’ve only been awake half an hour. You know I’m NOT a morning person…so I’m guessing you could write it with a night-time setting.

  2. Reblogged this on Sea of Desire and commented:
    I hope by now most of you have discovered Richard’s site. If not, you are in for a treat. Richard was the first to encourage me to expand my writing boundaries by challenging me to try poetry. As many of you have seen, my site has progressed from smut to a lot of poetic musings. While I am no poet, I do enjoy having the ability to express myself in different forms. This poem was a New Year’s gift from Richard to me, a poem that he weaved with his magic to include my favorite subjects. And in turn, his view of the ocean is my New Year’s gift to all of you. Enjoy and please let Richard know how amazing he is!! 🙂

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