Urban Amazon

 Words drip liquid silk
 Eyes flare bright from lashes, caged
 Smile invites: predatory
 Royalty by action, not birth
 She lives to be obeyed
 A force of nature, elemental
 Unparalleled in grace, a killer
 She stalks the sidewalks, alleys
 As she would verdant jungle
 Lipstick, her spear
 Compact, her shield
 Man, her prey: all men; any man; me

 (Image courtesy of SatanikBlood on deviantart.com)

43 thoughts on “Urban Amazon

      1. I think it best we don’t start that again.
        Several people on here saw our ramblings yesterday and said I was crackers. This didn’t bother me too much until I realised nobody said you was!!!!!
        Don’t figure???

      2. no I’ve been to England – I can assure it’s not. ๐Ÿ™‚
        This is the only place where you have to wear gumboots and suncream, have your hay fever spray whilst walking through fallen leaves, all on the same day.

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