Once Upon A Never

 Once upon a never
 In a dream within a dream,
 Lay a silver frosted Princess
 Asleep, yet still she’d scream.
 Nightmares were her kingdom,
 Banshees were her foe,
 Waiting for a Prince
 To kiss her, let her go.
 So, when one valiant soldier
 Made his way to Princess’ side,
 The kiss he gave wouldn’t wake her,
 The evil still did abide.
 The screaming echoed round him;
 The tears he shed were true;
 So killed her with his dagger,
 Then took his own life too.
 A Fairytale! Well, maybe?
 But in their deaths they met,
 And married within a new realm
 Of love, without regret.

 (Image courtesy of MimzyandTweaks on deviantart.com)

60 thoughts on “Once Upon A Never

  1. Very interesting fairy tale! Not sure what to think about it. Just before you posted this I was thinking about the innocence of childhood and how easy it is to sometimes wish we could return to that innocence where a prince or a knight in shining armor would come along and we would live happily ever after. Your poem definitely gives a different view of that old fairy tale dream. 🙂

      1. Thank you. The plan’s there, just got to execute it. I hope I’m as good as others say I am because I have no confidence in myself. But I have five people reading as testers and they all seem to like it.

      2. Great idea to have testers. I don’t have to be one to tell you, you’re GOOD. And I understand about the confidence thing…it can be like a rodent on a wheel.

      3. I understand, and I salute your resolute determination–I just don’t have that, the blog serves my needs well enough. I’ll ever be your fan.

      4. You have NO idea how you have blessed me today (and other days/nights too)–I’m lifting you up in special prayers to the God who loves you (and all of us) more than any of us here on earth can rightly do. I mean this with ALL my heart, dear poet friend.

  2. as I travelled along in your fair land
    all was serene, till a dagger in hand
    a touch of the Romeo and Juliet too
    You are still a mush-bucket – what say you?

    Very nice my friend…sorry couldn’t resist.:-)

  3. Reblogged this on Neues vom Hutschi and commented:

    Da lag vor keinen Zeiten

    Da lag vor keinen Zeiten
    im Traum in einem Traum
    eine silberne, starre Prinzessin,
    im Schlaf klang ihr Schrei durch den Raum.
    Ihr Königreich war der Albtraum,
    ihr Feind die Todesfee, böse,
    die Prinzessin ersehnte den Prinzen,
    dass er sie mit Küssen erlöse.
    Ein kesser Soldat ist gekommen,
    suchte mutig, bis dass er sie fand,
    dann küsste er die Prinzessin,
    doch sie schlief und das Übel bestand.
    Ihn umgab das Echo der Schreie,
    jede Träne war echt, die da floss,
    er erstach erst die Maid mit dem Dolche,
    dann sich selbst, dass sein Blut er vergoss.
    Das ist doch ein Märchen! Kann sein.
    Nun, sie trafen im Tod sich aufs Neue,
    zur Hochzeit im wildfremden Reich
    der Liebe, und ganz ohne Reue.

    Deutsch von Hutschi

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