Frankenstein feelings
 Unpicking the seems of life
 Mind and form refreshed

 (Image courtesy of

Published by: Richard Ankers

Richard is a writer and former gold medalist, part of HarperCollins. He has had several short stories published and is always typing up more. Richard has just published the first of a SciFi/ Dark Fantasy trilogy entitled The Eternals, published by Creativia. A prolific writer, a constant source of clearing the mind, Richard created this website to share just some of the many poems and prose he has written. Reading and writing have always been Richard's main love along with the pursuit of keeping fit. Running, walking, and anything that provides a spectacular view always feature highly for him. Running in the rain with his headphones on whilst dreaming up some future storyline is just about perfect. It would be nicer still if that run was in Switzerland or Norway, but we can't have everything. Oh, and coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

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