In Voice: Shy

 “You can hold my hand if you want.”
 “Are you sure?”
 “Yes, of course.”
 “Thank you.”
 “You’ve no need to thank me. A big strapping guy like you could just take hold of it, and I wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it.”
 “I’d never do that.”
 “Why, most men would?”
 “I’m not most men.”
 “I know. I wouldn’t be walking down this promenade all alone and defenceless with you, if you weren’t.”
 “Just a shame, that all.”
 “What is?”
 “That you should have to say something like that.”
 “Crazy world.”
 “Crazy men, you mean.”
 “Possibly, I’m not sure?”
 “It’s beautiful isn’t it.”
 “What is?”
 “The river.”
 “More so than me?”
 “No, never! I just…I…I…!”
 “I was joking.”
 “I…I’m sorry.”
 “Why do you apologise so much?”
 “I don’t know what else to say.”
 “You could say something about me, if you like.”
 “I’d stutter, make a fool of myself.”
 “I wouldn’t be bothered.”
 “I would.”
 “You don’t have to say anything. I like holding your hand and walking with you. I’m just used to getting the odd compliment and you haven’t given me any.”
 “It’s okay, you don’t have to. It’s just, I put my best and most sultry eye make-up on especially for you.”
 “I know.”
 “You noticed!”
 “And, said nothing.”
 “Can’t you even look at me now?”
 “I didn’t want to upset you.”
 “Why would you upset me?”
 “I don’t like it.”
 “You what!”
 “I don’t like it.”
 “What the hell do you mean, you don’t like it.”
 “It’s just…”
 “Spit it out then! You can’t offend me anymore.”
 “You’ve got eyes that even the angels would envy. They are the most beautiful, deep blue pools I’ve ever seen; like twin sargasso seas, I’m already drowning in them. You don’t need the make-up, they’re already perfect.”
 “Now you know why I keep my mouth shut.”
 “That’s okay, I don’t want you to say another word.”

 (Beautiful image courtesy of YOKOKY on

35 thoughts on “In Voice: Shy

      1. Which is why I like making up Mr Invisible’s half of the dialog–otherwise, he’s a man of very few words.

      2. Yes, I tell him he’s brilliant everyday! Though right now, he’s nagging me about going out before the rain begins…

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