I remember when the moon would rise in your eyes casting a silvered sheen across that perfect face.
 I remember the morning dew collecting like tears before dropping off sweeping eyelashes, cascading into infinity.
 I remember when the days passed too quickly, and the nights quicker still.
 I remember standing out in the West wind as sycamore leaves spiralled about us; a world of russet and green that was ours, and ours alone.
 I remember the snow falling upon your hair, collecting in drifts, before you’d free all those unique flakes with a swish and a smile.
 I remember all of this and more.
 I remember the minutes.
 I remember the seconds.
 I remember the moments.
 But I can’t ever remember saying goodbye?

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28 thoughts on “Goodbye

      1. No, I truly wasn’t Richard–I didn’t go to bed till about 5 a.m. So now I’m up just before noon, more or less ready to take on my world….

  1. Must you begin my day with sadness? You know that casts a melancholic shadow across my soul for the remainder of the day? But your words are beautiful and meaningful and expressed as only you can do.

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