RED (Wolf Hunter) Twisted Fairytales

 Once upon a long ago
 A child stalked the woods,
 Hunting all the timberwolves,
 For them, it was no good.
 They ran at sight of little girl
 Donned in blood-red hood,
 Because their parents told them too,
 The child cared less than should.
 She’d call to them in honeyed tones,
 Coax them through the woods,
 Then pull out axe to kill them with,
 Believe, it was no dud.
 Until one wolf he took disguise
 To trick red riding hood.
 Her grandma was his face of choice,
 And laid he did, not stood.
 The girl did waltz into the room
 Her hands coated in blood,
 And slew the wolf without a thought
 You’d think she’d misunderstood.
 But know you all the girl was bad;
 Kill us all if she could!
 Be wolf, or man, or family
 She’d create a killing flood.
 And still she stalks that ancient realm,
 That reddest of all woods,
 Draped in cape of crimson hue
 That damned red riding hood.

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40 thoughts on “RED (Wolf Hunter) Twisted Fairytales

  1. A twisted Red Riding Hood. You beat me to it Richard. This idea has been on my “To Write” list for some time now. Serves me right for letting it sit so long. I love this piece from you and it is great to see your darker spirit come into the light from time to time. Now when I eventually put my spin on LRRH and the Wolf, I will have a very high bar set indeed. Well done.

  2. Just goes to show you can never trust the nice ones! 😉 Excellent twist – slightly macabre – but still fab! Love your writings and look forward to my daily browse 🙂

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