Don’t tell me I’m dreaming,
 As I skim over surf,
 The feeling’s so real,
 Almost not of this Earth.
 Swooping past redwoods,
 Higher than high,
 If they grew any taller
 Then they’d breach the sky.
 Which is just what I’m doing,
 As I pass by a bird,
 At altitudes bordering
 The edge of our world.
 But all of it fades,
 As I begin to awake,
 Until my next journey
 In my flying dreamscape.

44 thoughts on “Dreamscape

      1. Nor do I, but OH when I do 🙂 its just an amazing sensation. then I start wondering…is this my Spirit, setting free from all the turmoil trapped in me?

        OH …yep theres a post waiting to happen 🙂 Thanks Richard!!!!!!

  1. I’ve never had the pleasure of flying in my dreams. And I love to fly. Perhaps I’m too afraid of crashing with my eyes closed. Something to ponder, I suppose. Beautiful dreams, Richard.

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