The Reddest Shoes (Twisted Fairytales)

Written for and inspired by Kimberly. Check out her great blog.

 How Karen loved those red shoes
 Disobeyed her adopted mother
 Wore them always to church
 Wore them whilst her mother took ill
 Even wore them to her parent’s funeral
 Showed them off to a passing soldier
 And as if by magic, Karen danced
 She pirouetted, kicked, sashayed
 Tore through streets, lanes, pastures
 Whirled over bridges, farms, battlefields
 Span until her toes bled, then feet, then legs
 Danced until an axe-man lopped her ankles off
 Waltzed away
 Wooden feet the girl had made
 But red shoes danced on, hindered
 Until, at last, humbled girl, turned to God
 He struck her down, from love
 And to Heaven she’s lifted and awakened
 As feet were back in the red shoes
 And Karen danced on, and on, and down
 To Hell
 She dances there still

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20 thoughts on “The Reddest Shoes (Twisted Fairytales)

  1. Richard – this is soooooooooooooo incredibly awesome! What you have done to The Red Shoes is – wow – amazing. I can see Moira Shearer dancing – ecstatically, totally frenzied – unable to stop, but compelled to continue regardless of the world around her. To me The Red Shoes describes an indestructible passion – tragic, yet beautiful. Dance is like this – it is a passion that can lift you higher than the heavens above and drag you into the depths of hell. your piece certainly takes this passion to another level – it is wonderful!

  2. Reblogged this on Words4jp's Blog and commented:
    My buddy Richard has been engaging in the twist – he has been taking requests and some dancer chick suggested The Red Shoes. My Oh My!! Richard created a wonderful tale – one that I believe Mr. H. C. Andersen would applaud!! The Reddest Shoes deserves an encore:) BRAVA!

  3. So to save me paging back through your blog (I know, I know), what is the twist fairytale thing all about? I enjoyed it but I am sad that she had her feet chopped off. 😦 Bet that hurt!

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