What am I missing?
 What have I lost?
 A memory still lingers,
 A trace of a cost.
 In snowflakes I seek it,
 In raindrops I hear;
 The innocence forgotten,
 The sound of a tear.
 A life full of something?
 A space between time.
 When did it vanish?
 When was it mine?

 (Image courtesy of ophelia-in-red on deviantart.com)

44 thoughts on “What/When

      1. If all you wanted to do was shut me up, you just had to ask. You didn’t have to go to such incredible lengths.

        And, you are welcome.

      2. 😉 I can’t imagine why I make you nervous or scared. I’m such a sweetly innocent mature woman. LOL

  1. Oh wow, Richard–this leaves me hushed, a little frightened, and sad. I love “the sound of a tear”–perfection. I love all of it, of course.

      1. Whahaha! I think you can learn a thing or two about melancholy and darkness from me my friend! 😉
        Anyways, I am having a good time here, I will stay! 🙂
        (and keep you busy with my comments lol)

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