Goldilocks & The Kodiak Bear (Twisted Fairytales)

 A little girl called Goldilocks
 Did stumble on a house
 The smell of porridge struck her
 Her hunger it would douse
 So in she went without a thought
 To who could be inside
 And there on the table
 The porridge she eye-spied
 So impolite, that little girl
 She scoffed it down in one
 Then sent off for a wander
 Around the house for fun
 She nosied here, she nosied there
 She snooped about the place
 Then Goldilocks grew tired
 And had needs to rest her face
 So up to bed she did retire
 Without a thought to who
 May actually be the owner
 Of the house, the bed, and loo
 Unfortunately for Goldilocks
 She didn’t lock the door
 And into house a bear did strut
 Porridge, he did adore
 But found it gone and sniffed a treat
 The bear he walked upstairs
 Where peeping out from blankets
 A pile of golden hairs
 The Kodiak took early lunch
 On the girl who’d broken in
 To house, and food, and bed
 That she taken as a sin

 (Image courtesy of Kittybaka-chan on

20 thoughts on “Goldilocks & The Kodiak Bear (Twisted Fairytales)

  1. An interesting twist, I liked it!
    Sometimes as a kid I would always wonder why she never got grounded or anything!I mean, she did intrude on someones home, ate their all food, made mess everywhere…

  2. You’re an incredible poet and storyteller, Richard–this had an easy rhythm, and made me smile even as I knew it would end badly.

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