The Creative Process

There’s a darkness upon me,
 Eyes open, yet closed.
 Lost memories floating
 In the mists of forgotten time,
 Congealing to something
 Still akin to nothingness.
 Perhaps, one day, the sun will rise
 Light will perforate my eyes
 And suffuse my brain with the knowledge
 I believe I have lost?
 In the depths of thought
 Lightning sparks across my mind
 Ideas are born

 (Image courtesy Bruce Guenter on Flickr Creative Commons)

8 thoughts on “The Creative Process

  1. Shall I put the kettle on for you? It’s not knowledge you have lost. You do lose fragments of time, snippets of conversations, fluffs of flitter — but that is because your brain has much more important matters. And for that, we are all grateful.

  2. Ah ha that makes me think of lightbulb moments – the insights that come when you feel there are no more left. Love the illusion of the lightening – neuroscience in a nut shell ๐Ÿ™‚

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