Caught in a tempest
 A cyclone of you
 Winds circle round me
 Ruby lips, too
 Hands are upon me
 Nails digging in
 Scratching and scraping
 Breath is leaving
 Lungs are contracting
 I feel you so near
 The eye of the storm
 But for me it’s unclear
 You’re elemental
 I’m only me
 Tempestuous meeting
 Best douse in the sea

25 thoughts on “Tempestuous

  1. More of that “elemental” love–terrific poem, Richard. And speaking of tempestuous, how’s you head today? Seems you have these bad ones a couple times per week? Always keeping you in my prayers and heart.

      1. Oooh, sheesh–shattered glass, I can feel that with you. Not sure mine are equal to yours, but my headaches are daily–just varying degrees of “impossible”.

      2. We need to start charging for membership, make a few bucks! And of course I’ll always provide refreshments for the meetings!

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