My Own Conductor

 Wishing for an opus,
 A crescendo of conclusion,
 Something intangible,
 Yet mine.
 Roiling clouds congregate,
 An imposing symposium
 Of all that I am, and was.
 They drift amidst the flashes
 Of my thoughts,
 Electrons of energy
 Waiting to be conducted.
 But, the baton remains

27 thoughts on “My Own Conductor

      1. I was just being polite and returning the friendly gesture. Besides, my last post just blew the saint thing out of the water.

  1. This one speaks to me, as I’ve begun work on my novel once more–would love for it to be my opus, a crescendo of conclusion….you are one phenomenal person and writer. Makes my heart sing like wind chimes to have met you.

      1. I meant to ask: any word yet on the manuscript you recently submitted?? Is it a novel–I’ve forgotten now (twin memory issues).

      2. Ah yes, the fantasy novel–I’ll pray for your success, along with my other requests on behalf of your health and well being!

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