Vernacular Bliss

 I’ve captured a moment,
 Held it in place,
 Glued to my dreams
 Like memories of lace.
 Delicate textures,
 Tumbling through grey,
 Neural intoxicant
 Making brain play.
 They stimulate mind,
 And I’m glad that they do;
 For without their coaxing
 I think that I’d stew.
 A see-sawing balance
 Between words and abyss,
 Turns letters on paper
 To vernacular bliss.

40 thoughts on “Vernacular Bliss

      1. Painless, for whom … or is it who — your vernacularisation did not include proper grammar, I’m afraid.

      2. I’m pretty sure you weren’t Googling the “big words” like I was!! 😉 All while listening to Spotify and writing my next post.

      3. You listen to Spotify but refuse to open my sent songs? I see how it is — feed my addiction, then ignore me. 😉 (and I was afraid you would call me out on making up words, so I had to have verification)

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