Dark Angel

 My dark angel
 My dark angel
 Carried on an upland squall
 Feathers tearing,
 Feathers ripping,
 Fighting to be free.
 She resists the call,
 Eyes blazing in defiance.
 She will not go without a fight,
 And they dare not strike her.
 She is imbued with the malice of others,
 For she has none of her own:
 She is fake of evil.
 But raven wings and ragged cowl,
 Leather boots and coiled whip,
 Do not lie.
 Do they?
 My dark angel
 My dark angel
 For release!

51 thoughts on “Dark Angel

  1. Your dark angel fares no worse than the angel in my poem. Perhaps you mistake your angel’s wings for what is just bad fashion on a gothic woman? πŸ˜‰

      1. Now I will be serious. Thank you, Richard. When we face the “dark” refusing it to have an upper hand in our lives, and speak to it, (not easy), IF you are courageous enough to either hear or see what that “dark” is all about, that is when YOU can change that energy by your thoughts, determination, and actions. Hope this helped.

        Every day lately I have been waking with a feeling of “dread”. Now where this is coming from, I don’t know. But I am asking. Other times I have awoken with dread, I have understood why, and slayed that dragon. I wish you all the best!!!
        (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. I keep coming back to this “fake of evil” — why would one want to fake evil? I could see someone wanting to fake “goodness”, just to gain approval and favor of others. But what advantage is there to being bad?

      1. You still didn’t find my Angel post from this morning. But that might be a good thing. πŸ˜‰

      2. Sorry … more proof I’m no angel, but at least I’ll try to keep my mouth shut now!!! :p

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