No Other Word But Goodbye

 So I’d heard,
 As tears begin to flow.
 In eyes of ocean depths,
 Deepest, coldest blue.
 But turning away,
 I focus on the next.
 Torrid emotion,
 A churning infinity.
 It’s true,
 It’s never as easy as you think!
 I leave,
 With no other word,
 But goodbye.

 (Image courtesy of JollyPen on

20 thoughts on “No Other Word But Goodbye

  1. Love this! Did this with Brown eyes! 🙂 Yes I did look back, felt like crap, I still think about them yet I don’t write about it. Only because I don’t want to encourage that there are feelings of regret and while there are the feeling is one of not wanting to hurt someone. I think that is the hardest thing in life! 🙂 I love this R

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