Nordic Kisses

 A whisper,
 Barely imperceptible.
 It doesn’t need to be heard
 For I feel it in my heart.
 The fjord:
 Still, unmoved by time
 Captures the same image
 As it has for eons
 In glasslike surface,
 And I wonder
 If I submerge myself,
 Lose myself in those crystal depths,
 Will I see the same past
 I imagine?
 I lift my collar,
 Look over my shoulder
 To see the ocean beckoning.
 So much sea,
 So much world.
 I sense the pull of reality
 It frightens me.
 There is no way
 Other than away,
 The one way I do not wish to go.
 Perhaps the Gods hear me,
 Feel my pain,
 And that is why
 The North wind
 Kisses me goodbye?
 At least,
 I like to think so.

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