Washed up on a foreign shore
 No memory of what’s gone before
 Feel the sand and touch the sky
 Yet recollection drifts on by
 Turning eyes unto the sea
 The place you sense your friends to be
 You beat your fist and scream aloud
 The only one left from the crowd
 No destiny, nor fate can cure
 The pain you feel and do endure
 As heaven watches through cotton veil
 To shipwrecked soul without a sail
 So swim back out until you tire
 In tidal surge that quells your fire
 Until you slowly sink below
 To be with those you once did know

27 thoughts on “Shipwrecked

  1. Very bleak ending. Hope he

    carries on a new life to live.
    To not give up is a gift you give
    a gift tp your friends now gone
    but their memories in you live on

    hope you dont mind me trying to reply within your poetry rhythm.

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