Whispered Memories

 Whispering clouds
 Wash over a setting sun;
 One day passes into memory,
 Another soon to rise.
 The world takes a breath,
 And we with it.
 I’m happy in the moment,
 And strive to appreciate it fully
 Before moving on to another.
 How many such glimpses of perfection
 Will I witness in my time,
 I do not know?
 But, does it really matter,
 As long as I have just one to remember?


33 thoughts on “Whispered Memories

  1. I wanted to say I love the scattered clouds and also the reference to remembering those moments! Personally I believe that is why I take so many photos of the sky so that I DO stop and take it all in. I used to be so hurried in my days full of all sorts of really what amounted to nothing but it seemed important at the time. Now I realize it’s these moments that you write of that are most important R. You got it the right thing baby! 🙂 Quoted an old commercial! 🙂

  2. Beautiful poem Richard! I also agree with you about the number of beautiful things being less important than the fact that we remember at least one. I also like finding beauty in things that we might not initially think of as beautiful. It’s amazing what we see when we really look.

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