Dandelion Weeping

 Golden radiance, gone
 Feathered, time to fly
 Weep for your brothers
 Wave your sisters goodbye
 Tears shed, only normal
 Pooling at seedlings’ feet
 Floral parent cries
 Dandelion weeping

41 thoughts on “Dandelion Weeping

  1. Fab imagery Richard and funny because I was only just looking in the meadow of a back garden that we have and noticing how many dandelions had turned.

      1. Well. Mr. Richards. IF you do not LOVE what YOU do, and SEE how good you are, just how do you think others will??? It all begins with SELF. When you radiate out to all the world that you LOVE what you do, that is FELT, and so success comes to your very door. It just happens. GRIN! Lecture over! MUAH!

  2. Richard, this is so good. I have no doubt that someday (perhaps soon) publishers will be seeking you out like crazy. Hang in there. Your writing is powerful and meaningful.

  3. Weep for your brothers, wave your sisters goodbye… such a wonderful line. Beautiful photo R and being published… as much as I wanted to be picked up (I mean my book) by a publisher, I got tired of ‘wonderful write but not our genre right now’… I E published. I have sold about 100 and have possibly made 100.00, but as us writers know it’s not the money, I rejoice in the fact that people are out there reading my words. So go for it, get your words out there 🙂

  4. Amazing poem, I do love it! Do you know that the word “dandelion” has a french etymology (dent de lion, lions teeth). The word in french is not poetical (pissenlit – difficult to write something with :-)) – Thanks again for sharing such beautiful words.
    Kind regards

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