Flaunt your effervescence
 Dandy, peacock fool,
 For I shall treat you with disdain.
 Acting like I should know you,
 Personifying cool as you do,
 Strutting, colluding with the know-hows,
 Creating falsehoods.
 I do not care,
 For I shall deem not to know you;
 Pretend to not register your name;
 Remain indifferent to your presence,
 And curse your every foppish stance.
 I shall wait for perfunctory introductions,
 Then raise my nose and walk away,
 As those about me wonder,
 ‘What was he doing in that mirror?’

 Image courtesy

12 thoughts on “Fashionista

      1. She has the whole hat thing going on and she can certainly turn her nose up – and it it rather shnozzy! And attitude – gots plenty of that.

  1. I deem not to know them either! We must know the same person in this instance! 😉 I love this! Well said! I think I’d like to punch them and you just did with your words! Boo-yah! That’s what we say in the country, Boo-yah! Yay!

      1. Yes I am refined tomboy! I used to roll in the dirt with the boys! Now I use my words! I love how you did! That would be a proverbial punch. hehe! I liked that! 🙂 I have my sassy pants on today! 😀

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