Sea Mist

 I stand in the heather
 The moors rolling away
 Streaming in purple
 Towards the ocean
 A mist hangs low over the water
 It churns
 Mimicking the turbulence below
 I care not
 I think it’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen
 Sorcery and magic made real
 A fantasy of the mind
 Dragon’s breath
 And all I can do
 Regardless of the damp
 Despite the lessening light
 Independent of what others would advise
 I choose to sit down and dream along with it
 For as long as I can


45 thoughts on “Sea Mist”

      1. LOL
        PS I got a little photo app called TypeA. It allows you to post an image with a bit of text and look a bit like an old poloroid style photo. Don’t know if you can get it for the iPad but with your words and pics which are far better than mine it could be worth a look. Plus it was free at the time LOL
        Tight wad that I am.

      2. You want to pick a fight with me this morning!! 😉

        Although your reason behind me getting the app is complete blarney, I will look into it — since you are under the impression I listen to you always! LOL

      1. Not your choice, I’m afraid. You cannot prevent mine any more than I can prevent yours.

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