My sojourn
 In a place, I’d rather
 Not have dreamt.
 That is my reason for writing,
 So that my real home,
 The one I reach for
 Through my keyboard,
 Is never
 The dreams that flow from brain,
 To fingertips,
 To reality,
 Provide the berth,
 I so desperately need.
 Their flow is relentless,
 As is life,
 But in opposing view.
 Yes, temporary I may be,
 But my words shall remain,
 And with them
 A little of myself.

52 thoughts on “Temporary

  1. Thank you, Richard. I needed this right now. Maybe I’m the one that should be freaked out!!! πŸ˜‰

      1. If that’s what you want to claim!!!!! Besides, my Guardian Angel better damned well be connected to me in some way!!! :p

      2. But I finally finished that story from last week — so I’m feeling a bit lighter now!! πŸ˜‰

      3. LOL — it felt like I did!! But at least your wonderful “Soooooo Slow” poem was inspired by my trials!!

      4. :p It’s done now, Smart Ass. You’ll have to find something else to tease me about.

      5. I must be behaving too well lately — because that reply left you open to so many naughty responses I am almost tempted to go there ……

      6. Oh, I can be creative in my response and there is no preventing me from doing it!!!!

      7. That’s not preventing me … my promise to you that I would be more respectful is. Barely! πŸ˜‰

  2. “But my words shall remain, And with them A little of myself.” You’re creating a beautiful “legacy” with your words, Richard. And that, in my mind, is the definition of a life well-lived.

  3. Yes like building a foundation one word at a time! I have always believed we leave a part of ourselves in the things we write, for those who are searching for a semblance of connection it might be a lifeline, or a balm that soothes a wound. I think yours is all of that! I look forward to reading your work!πŸ˜„

  4. Love your photo. Love these words. You will make a mark, your imprint amongst the vastness of this world, will remain. If it is just with you, or those who read, an impression and your gift can only be admired. Huggles.

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