Once, We Were Quays

 Deserted stand the quays,
 Once so rich with life;
 Rusting adornments to a general decay.
 They stand deceptively proud:
 Unwilling the metal that once shone so bright
 To pass into obscurity.
 I find them beautiful in their demise.
 Tides beyond count have swept on by,
 Many more still shall,
 Until that last russet fleck is drawn towards the North Sea.
 No last hurrah;
 No more use for they,
 A goodbye to the past with no proof that there even was one.
 Only in memory will their grandeur remain
 Until even that fades away.

25 thoughts on “Once, We Were Quays

  1. Great title, admire the poetry (which I don’t read a lot of – so it has to speak to me) and I love the picture too! (I used to know a JAn DAnkers – he was Dutch – are you?)

  2. Mmm, this is wonderful–for some reason, I’m loving the idea that there’d be no proof of the past–and even the memory of their grandeur will fade. I must be in a murk-mood.

      1. Almost–but the hedgehog one didn’t seem worthy of posting, so I pulled it for now; the scorpion one might be better. And I just realized that you won’t remember we were talking about this yesterday or whenever.

  3. Questions time!!! If you don’t mind that is!? Were you always this good at poetry? Did you take classes? How do you expand and grow in your ability write poems? Is it one of those you have it or you don’t kind of things? I have just recently started writing but I don’t know if I am good or even what type of proms I write. Sorry you have no obligation to answer me, I actually came across your blog by our friend Staralee. If I pointed you toward one or two of mine would you be willing to read them and be brutally honest? I am not interested in nice fluff if you know what I mean. 🙂 great post again BTW! God bless!

    1. I don’t mind you asking. I always find it embarrassing when I’m asked and never do pieces about it like the ‘how do you write thing’ that’s going around.
      I find poetry and writing in general as easy as breathing. I could write anything, anyhow, anytime LOL
      I have issues with punctuation at times, but other than that it’s easy.
      I find poetry relaxing and therapeutic. I only did the blog as it seemed a pity to waste them, but I don’t really care if they ever got read.
      As regards getting better, I would simply say this: write, write, write. The more you do the more you’ll know what suits you. And if you like it, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

      1. Well thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. I am trying to write, write, write but I end up thinking its crap and not posting it I am definitely my worst critic lol but I will keep at it and eventually hopefully, maybe, I’ll be happy with one and post it. I do have a few on here, but it was the anxiety filled moments before pressing publish lol thanks again!

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