Maybe Tomorrow?

 Fog on the harbour;
 Waves kiss the sky.
 No gulls today,
 No hectic milling,
 Only Neptune’s breath,
 And me.
 I contemplate the sea,
 Wonder if I’d know where it starts,
 Where it ends?
 And, for a moment,
 A fraction in time,
 I stick my foot out
 Losing it to swirls of grey.
 It is lost;
 I am lost;
 We’re all lost!
 But not today,
 I’m not quite ready.
 Maybe tomorrow?

15 thoughts on “Maybe Tomorrow?

      1. Me too as a matter of fact I just had to tell everyone not to talk to me today! 😀 No rudely just that all the noise and I can’t focus. I will get lost in my music. What are you listening to today? I’m listening to the Piano guys my brain is tired of thinking! Does yours get tired too!?

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