Put my old shoes on
 Walked out the gate
 Turned left at the shops
 Then right at the lake
 Strolled out the city
 Just gliding along
 The sun at my back
 And humming a song
 Sky was in my eyes
 Smile played on my face
 Wanted to escape
 All the human race
 On through the yonder
 On through the land
 I think that in heaven
 The whole thing was planned
 And I’m still on that highway
 The one for my soul
 Thanking my sweet Lord
 Feeling more whole
 Redemption they say
 But not just for me
 Come for a wander
 And you’ll soon see

38 thoughts on “Wandering

      1. Oh, Austria! I have been there, but just shortly, so I don’t really know the countryside. I am so happy you enjoyed Norway! 🙂

  1. Oh Richard, this so makes me want to take a long walk!!! This is exactly how I feel when I’m out, exploring nature alone with miles of peace behind and ahead of me.

    If only it weren’t so hot and humid, and I weren’t so pregnant… :*(

      1. I will, thank you!!!

        I made fun of you last winter about the snow, but I think I’d actually prefer it right now.

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