Chasing The Moon

 She only sought to chase the moon
 Stepping out, would be back soon.
 She danced into the crystal light
 Twirling, whirling, through the night,
 Over hill and across the sea,
 Wherever moon was there was she.
 Silhouette of happiness
 She wore a smile and silken dress,
 And silver shoes of moonbeam dew
 Laced with love a potent stew.
 She never did go home again
 She’d left the now, gone past the then.
 But if the moon reveals full face
 Then you will see her dancing place.

 (Image and inspiration Michelle Marie)

23 thoughts on “Chasing The Moon

  1. I love this! I think that is me chasing the moon! You know when I said that to you I thought you might think I was a little nutty! I don’t think I will come back, she’s done long gone! I wanted to tell you the new kids in my neighborhood saw me taking photos and asked me about it so I got to tell them all about the moon! Their reaction…can I pet your dog she sure looks fluffy! πŸ˜€ Angel loved it!
    I love how you write and it feels wistful! Were can I get these, silver shoes of moonbeam dew? I need them to go with my dress! Yay!

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