Floral Snows

 World within a world,
 Life within a gaze,
 Busy little hover-fly
 Buzzing through its days.
 I see a pretty flower,
 You see a world of snow,
 I’ll dally moment longer
 And wait to see you go.

21 thoughts on “Floral Snows

      1. Thanks some patience! I have these gigantic yellow jacket in my front yard. But they chase me so I run and I have decided they are camera shy! πŸ˜€

      2. I have never seen so many. I planted butterfly bushes and all they attract are yellow jackets and hummingbirds so odd! I’d take a photo for you but I’m serious they will not let me near them. Plus I’m allergic to bee stinks so that would not be good I think!

      3. LOL omg she would get claustrophobic and be all anxiety ridden. Hey I wanted to tell you she went to her job interview and parked her jeep in the parking garage. Well the jeep is huge and she turned out the wrong way so she was stuck in the garage and could not turn around so she calls me mom I’m stuck in the parking garage help. OK so go to the top and then turn around and go back down. She was panicked by then. LOL So once she got to the top she say the sign exit. Then she was ok! Isn’t that funny? I will wait till tomorrow to make a blonde joke for her, Help I’m stuck in the parking garage and can’t get out! LOL

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