I stepped out into the clear nothingness
 A silk scarf swaying in a mistral breeze
 For the first time in my life, I was truly free
 It would be my only time
 So I fell slowly
 Seconds as minutes
 Minutes stretching out into infinity
 I’m still falling now
 It was worth it


11 thoughts on “Silken”

  1. Richard this reminds me of a dream I had! Shortly after my sister in law passed I dreamt I saw her lying there and then….this might sound nuts but she sat up from her body like a spirit sort of, her piercing blue eyes looked at me and she said tell momma I’m ok. Then she moved over to this chair that was bright and light and I watched her float up! I woke up instantly and it was as if I could still feel her! Dorothy her mom my best friend I immediately called her and told her and she said thank you I needed to know. Nothing like that has ever happen to me. I’ve never told anyone that before! I was going to tell you now I guess I did!

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