I stepped out into the clear nothingness
 A silk scarf swaying in a mistral breeze
 For the first time in my life, I was truly free
 It would be my only time
 So I fell slowly
 Seconds as minutes
 Minutes stretching out into infinity
 I’m still falling now
 It was worth it

Published by: Richard Ankers

Richard is a writer and former gold medalist, part of HarperCollins. He has had several short stories published and is always typing up more. Richard has just published the first of a SciFi/ Dark Fantasy trilogy entitled The Eternals, published by Creativia. A prolific writer, a constant source of clearing the mind, Richard created this website to share just some of the many poems and prose he has written. Reading and writing have always been Richard's main love along with the pursuit of keeping fit. Running, walking, and anything that provides a spectacular view always feature highly for him. Running in the rain with his headphones on whilst dreaming up some future storyline is just about perfect. It would be nicer still if that run was in Switzerland or Norway, but we can't have everything. Oh, and coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

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11 thoughts on “Silken”

  1. Richard this reminds me of a dream I had! Shortly after my sister in law passed I dreamt I saw her lying there and then….this might sound nuts but she sat up from her body like a spirit sort of, her piercing blue eyes looked at me and she said tell momma I’m ok. Then she moved over to this chair that was bright and light and I watched her float up! I woke up instantly and it was as if I could still feel her! Dorothy her mom my best friend I immediately called her and told her and she said thank you I needed to know. Nothing like that has ever happen to me. I’ve never told anyone that before! I was going to tell you now I guess I did!

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