Call of the Ocean

 Where wind and sea and rock collide
 In storm and froth and wave
 There’ll be such stories to be told
 Of sailors lost not saved
 Yet still the oceans hold such sway
 It drives and shoves and pulls
 Where rainbows dance in saline mists
 And fish look up at gulls
 So save your fear for other men
 The ocean, don’t bemoan
 For nowhere’s like the open seas
 Where mermaids call men home

 (Stunning image courtesy Desiree )

35 thoughts on “Call of the Ocean

  1. That’s beautiful, Richard; it made me feel quite tearful. I adore the line, ‘Where rainbows dance in saline mists…’ – wonderful imagery.

  2. I am the fortunate one that something I captured could inspire such a wonderful piece of writing. But in your hands, anything can be elevated into true art. Thank you, R.

  3. this one really pops with the new blog style! Love the simplistic look and that overall presentation is fantastic. I love the clean lines and also the red for pop! I’m all about a pop color! Great headlines as well. Yippee I love this! 😀

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