Game of Hearts (Jorio Poem)

 To win at love
 A game of hearts
 No prize for rushing
 Best take it slow

36 thoughts on “Game of Hearts (Jorio Poem)

      1. So, this person you claim to be more argumentative than you …. are you going to pay them to be that way just to prove me wrong?

      2. I’m sure with your immense charm, they will cut you a deal. Glad I don’t know anyone as argumentative as you, though. 😉

      1. *insert redneck voice here* … I love me some banter. 🙂

        Let’s go fall in love with a complete strangers this weekend, watch it destruct immediately, then come back over the weekend and share our funny tales — and then, change our minds back to slower being better … but lets do it at the same time – because if not the timing would be off, and my goodness that would drive me absolutely crazy! haha (I said that in one breath)

  1. Boy isn’t that the truth if you like games! My Gma taught me how to play the hearts card game. Very interesting when one invests their entire hand all at once! Like you said slow is always best. Love watching the game play out though!

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