Melancholy Calling

Melancholy looming,
 Drawn, velvet curtains blowing
 In a serpent breeze.
 Soon they will part,
 Darkness slipping into my candlelit room.
 A storm murmurs behind them,
 I want it; need it; hate it,
 As sullen gusts stir
 And I wait for the night to be viewed:
 It does.
 Melancholy ghosts over me
 Welcomed, yet not.
 I wish to shake this feeling
 Remove the dark shroud,
 But it won’t;
 I can’t;
 And secretly,
 Beneath the ebbing tumult,
 I like my gothic mood.

 (A post inspired by a poem by the wonderful Annie. Please check out her blog)

35 thoughts on “Melancholy Calling

  1. Believe it or not I am melancholy lately I just haven’t shared it! I think when sadness comes I literally stop and let it overtake me so I can move in! I am melancholy I will admit it! I pray this lifts soon today I didn’t want to wake up! I’m glad I’m not this way always or my happy might never come back! Wow! We are in the same mood! I’ve been avoid it all week and yesterday it hit me hard so I’m just going with it! 😳

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