Crying for the Lost

 She wept by the grave
 Of an unknown soldier’s rest
 For all, the same loss
 When shared soil unites
 And the mothers are grieving
 They cry for all sons

 (I wrote two and couldn’t decide which to post. So, here’s both)

14 thoughts on “Crying for the Lost

  1. My Uncle was in the Vietnam war and he didn’t come back and my mom said she remembers that knock at the door. My mom still has the flag they gave her. There a whole story behind it your poem reminded me of this! Odd how something we read brings events to the forefront of our minds! I guess that’s what memories are all about so we never forget! 😀 Beautiful Richard!

  2. I know you asked for a this or that answer but this is what I honestly think. How about: She wept by the grave – Of an unknown soldier’s rest – And cries for all sons. She = all mothers and unknown soldier = all soldiers. Still 5,7,5 sounds.

      1. Oh there is only one Sir Richard. Don’t know if the world can handle two of me. At least that’s what lady wolf says.

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