Somewhere Over The Rainbow

 In childhood we heard her.
 Somewhere over the rainbow
 She sang,
 And for a time
 We were.
 And, whenever we’ve heard her since
 Singing that most magical song
 That makes adults children,
 And hearts young,
 For those few wonderful minutes,
 We were again.

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28 thoughts on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  1. My grandmother was the first one who introduced me to The Wizard of Oz and she would always sing the song all day long after we’d watched it together. Funny thing was that my grandmother didn’t understand a word of English so she would always have the movie on mute but with Swedish subtitles. However, as soon as there was some singing involved she would unmute and sing, not in comprehensible English but in her own magical way.
    I’m going to show her this poem next time I see her and translate it for her. I’m sure she’ll love it just as much as I do!

  2. I love that song and have fond memories of accompanying the children when they played at my Dad’s 70th birthday. The bit I don’t fondly remember however, was the chair breaking beneath me and crashing to the floor in front of all my parents guests …. that was the moment I wished I was somewhere over the rainbow! LOL 😉

  3. One of my the favorites, Richard!! I was The Wicked Witch of the West in a school play…so much fun! But I really wanted to be Dorothy 😦 Who knows…maybe that was the start of my descent…..

  4. Love this song and movie and your poem is perfect! It tells it well–we were and when we hear the song again or see the movie again, we were again. 🙂 Your poem made me smile.

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