The day seeks to burn its memory into our souls
 Setting fire to the oncoming dusk
 Scorching a trench of light between it and the gloaming
 It is a reminder to the darkness that it is powerless
 Incapable of resisting all that it means to GLOW
 And that despite those few hours of night
 A new day burns just over the horizon

 Image courtesy Michelle Marie


31 thoughts on “To GLOW”

  1. Very uplifting, in a very soothing way. I love the way you started it, those first 3 lines are so crucial and what makes the poem differ and have a stronger impact then the similar ones I read.

  2. This is marvelous, I love country clearings like you imagine them. “To glow”, wow. How do you do this. I am new with this blog thing, and would like to write poetry too. Is it possible if I’ve never done it before? Thank you so much for your poem though it has made my day.

      1. Thank you so much Mr Ankers, I’m a bit busy with the labels right now. Gosh, what a kerfaffle I’m in with the school starting-up again. Also, may I thank you for the encouragement. I will try to write one long-hand before posting and post it. Then I’ve done it, right? You won’t judge will you? OK, deep breath… Thank you again, Julie

  3. Reblogged this on Christina Masterman and commented:
    So much beauty, joy and yes – love – that four-letter word, which our weary hearts become too cynical of. Let’s never get so weary that we can no longer see, touch, hear and feel the beauty of this life, this world. The beauty within ourselves and within each other. Nameste. xx

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