Time After Time

 They say everybody has a song that takes them back. You hear the tones and drift away to a place you thought you’d lost. Memories resurface of where you were; what you were doing; even how you felt. For me that song is Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper.
 I recall everything about that song. I remember the distinct intro, the gentle way Cyndi almost speaks the words, so personal, like she’s almost whispering into your ear. I remember the video, somehow grown up, not catering to the masses. And most of all, I remember that for the first time in my life, I felt that I really understood someone’s spoken words. In the space of three minutes, I become an adult.
 I grew up when I first listened to that song and I relive the moment every time I hear it: Time After Time…

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44 thoughts on “Time After Time

      1. Music has saturated my life. It’s impossible to pick a favorite song. I think my “grow up” song was probably Crystal Ball by Styx. The song still speaks to me, and somehow tells me I not alone at my crossroads – difficult to express…

      2. Lol! As a child, I was always spinning to the music in my head. Come to think of it, we never had any ornaments on our mantel, just a painting of Venice on the wall above.

  1. I have music and soundtracks for every moment of my life. But a “grow up” song? Yikes I was listening to Brahms Violin Concertos every night as I fell asleep from about 3-12 years old. So there you have it……..

    Oh but when I was fending off a break up- it was by singing What’s Love got to Do With It as I stomped around my cul-de-sac at night. Tina taught me to keep walking, chin up.

  2. I always have a song that pinpoints a certain time and place! I listen to it over and over till I work through whatever it is in my life! So true about this Richard! I remember everything about this song and many more! Beautiful piece!

  3. Wow, this brings back memories. I love what you wrote here, my experience with the song was almost identical. Thank you.

      1. Ok … Richard Marx — Right Here Waiting. Junior Prom. Boyfriend went off to army basic training a few weeks later. Do you think I waited??

      2. Ha!! You’d be wrong. I waited but we weren’t meant to be. But that song still takes me back to that prom night with me in super sexy, sophisticated black dress. I was caught in his embrace, swaying to the music as he sang along with this song and then pleaded at the end for me to wait for him. Bittersweet memory!!! Thank you for dredging it up today!!! LOL

      1. Hahahahaha. Literally laughed out loud. Hmmmm, I didn’t no. Too bad though. At that time I probably would have loved it. Maybe I was too shy.

  4. Nicely pui. there are many songs that I feel in a similar way about, knowing the intro, feeling the way the singer conveys the words almost straight into my heart… but not a single one that says it all in the way you describe. I’d say you are lucky! 🙂

  5. Wow, that’s amazing. I like the song too, though I’ve put a spiritual spin on it I suppose–time after time God picks me up and sets me on my feet again, or comes to find me when I meander off in the briar patches.

      1. Oh goodness, I’ll keep her in my prayers. I always do you and Angela–one more won’t keep me up too late!

  6. I loved this whole album. This song does take me back to college – I dressed kooky like her, of course I could get away with it being a dancer/theater major. 🙂

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